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  • Humiliation

    A 0-5 away win for the boys in brown, 8th win in a row, a humiliation? No, yes, but I’m not talking about that. I am talking about Aytekin against Al Ghaddioui: Vasilj wanted to do his simple goal kick (and yes, they still keep killing our nerves by doing very risky ticki tacka in the defense after goal kicks), but Al Ghaddioui kept running into the box too early. So Aytekin decided to explain this to Al Ghaddioui by drawing a line onto the grass with his free-kick-marker-spray. As if Al Ghaddioui was a child. THIS is humiliation, and I don’t agree this is fair play. Didn’t make a […]

  • Watching away games at Clubheim

    So I met with Erik at Clubheim (in Millerntor Süd) to record an episode for his podcast (also in my “Toby talks about FC St. Pauli” curation), and that evening was such a blast! We met right before the away game in Paderborn started, recorded for an hour, then watched the game in the Clubheim. Before the game I tried to stay sober, because I had my car at a train station, but during the game… well. There was a lot of wine (so great to have some high quality white wine in a football clubheim) and some Pfeffi schnaps involved, and I left my car at the train station. […]

  • How to cope with Timo being fired

    So yesterday FC St. Pauli played an away game at Magdeburg, and it was the 4th win in the 4th game under Fabian Hürzeler, new head coach after Timo Schultz had been fired. Feelings are still hurt, and success is partly healing wounds, but also slightly irritating, since… why should the former co-manager Hürzeler perform so much better without his former boss Timo? I am still sad that Timo is history. That’s probably because my socialisation with FC St. Pauli was in the beginning of this century with the iconic team of Stanislawski, and Timo was an important part of this team, just like Fabian Boll, Florian Bruns, Schnecke, Ebbers, […]

  • Why Infra?

    This blog is called Infra Sankt Pauli. Why? When I joined Twitter in 2007, I quickly learned that it’s easy to find like-minded people on social media. Following games from home is much more fun if you can chat with others via the #fcsp hashtag. A couple of years later, we formed an official FC St. Pauli fan club called Infra Sankt Pauli. Same spectrum as Ultra, but different colour. I love Ultra Sankt Pauli, I’m just not part of it. And very, very rarely, I strongly disagree with what’s happening on their side. One occasion was the escalation of fire at the first 2nd division derby. Maybe I’ll blog […]

  • Hello world

    I am Toby, fan of FC St. Pauli since quite a while (when “Modefan” was still a thing), and I just wanted to add another place in the internet where this fabulous club is being discussed. The blog will be in english, although I am german. Why? Well, there are so many non-german speaking english fans out there, and I very much enjoy listening to Fell in love with a girl podcast (hey Sam and Shawn!). I think there should be more international connections, and that’s just easier in english. About me: Toby (he/him), born 1974, married, father of two (2003, 2008). Grew up south of Hamburg, lived in the […]

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