Why Infra?

This blog is called Infra Sankt Pauli. Why?

When I joined Twitter in 2007, I quickly learned that it’s easy to find like-minded people on social media. Following games from home is much more fun if you can chat with others via the #fcsp hashtag. A couple of years later, we formed an official FC St. Pauli fan club called Infra Sankt Pauli. Same spectrum as Ultra, but different colour. I love Ultra Sankt Pauli, I’m just not part of it. And very, very rarely, I strongly disagree with what’s happening on their side. One occasion was the escalation of fire at the first 2nd division derby. Maybe I’ll blog about that later, if you are interested. I still believe that went utterly wrong, and their explanations afterwards were ridiculous. Anyways, mistakes don’t break love, and without USP, the club and stadium wouldn’t be the same. Thank you Ultra, cheers to you.

While most people think that FC St. Pauli is special because we are a member driven, left wing, openly political, anti fascist, anti racist club, always flying the pride flag on our stadium (recently replaced by progress flag, even better!), I disagree. Yes, these are all important and beloved achievements since the 80s, but what really differentiates us is that we always discuss, always question ourselves, never accept that everything is good enough now. What other clubs had an exhibition in their stadium museums about their role in third reich? We care about who we are, and that means that we are always open to better understanding, change, and progress. That’s not possible without different colours, without questioning ourselves.

All colours are beautiful.




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