A 0-5 away win for the boys in brown, 8th win in a row, a humiliation? No, yes, but I’m not talking about that. I am talking about Aytekin against Al Ghaddioui:

Vasilj wanted to do his simple goal kick (and yes, they still keep killing our nerves by doing very risky ticki tacka in the defense after goal kicks), but Al Ghaddioui kept running into the box too early. So Aytekin decided to explain this to Al Ghaddioui by drawing a line onto the grass with his free-kick-marker-spray. As if Al Ghaddioui was a child. THIS is humiliation, and I don’t agree this is fair play. Didn’t make a difference, and probably just shows how desperate Aytekin was to get done with the match.

Anyways. I don’t like that Eric Smith now says that we like to hunt HSV. Well yes we do, but can we please stay a tiny little bit humble about us just now having left the delegation fight? 41, we are safe. 8 points to HSV on 3rd place, 16 points ahead of Braunschwieg on 16th. We don’t need to worry anymore, but should we really be disappointed if we don’t surpass HSV? I don’t think so. If it happens, I will be the happiest person on the planet, and if we keep winning all games we will win the Champions League in 2025. Let’s go for it, sure, but please don’t be disappointed about a 7th place in the end. I was, last season, but the first half of last season was a reason for hope to be ahead of HSV at the end of a season FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY. This season it’s different. Celebrate each win, and don’t worry about anything else now.




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